Welcome to Aqualib Charters

Aqualib Marine Charters is a locally owned business based in Mandurah, operating since 1995.

The owner/operator Stephen Thomas has always been a very keen fisherman, professionally fishing in Mandurah and the surrounding waters since 1993 at the young age of 15. He was the youngest skipper in the state to get his Master 5 ticket at 19 and now with Master 4. He is also a commercial diver working on underwater construction and salvage.

His love for fishing stemmed from his father, Richard Thomas, who has also been professionally fishing for 25 years. It was actually Stephen's parents Richard and Elizabeth who started "Aqualib Marine Charters" calling their very first fishing boat "AQUALIB". They got this from their star signs one being an Aquarius the other Libra hence "AQUALIB".

They wanted to share their knowledge of the waters and the amazing sea life in it, so in August 1995 Aqualib Marine Charters began. Aqualib was the first charter boat to be operating out of Mandurah.


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